Missouri Refractories Company, Inc.

Since 1973

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Conventional Castables
Low Cement Castables
Fast Fire Castables
SiC Castables
Non-Wetting Aluminum Contact Castables
Non-Wetting Lite Weight Castables
Lite Weight Castables
Phosphate Castables
Mortars (Dry)
Wet Rams
Dry Rams

Industries Served

Steelmaking & Iron Making
Steel & Iron Foundries
Cement & Lime
Coal Fired Power Generation
Heat Treatment Processes
Non-Ferrous Melting


MORCO is a manufacturing company, producing refractory specialties based on alumina, aluminosilicate, magnesia, spinel, zircon, silicon carbide and fused silica. The company produces castables, gunning mixes, grouts, pumpables, shotcretes, mortars, coatings, plastic ramming mixes and dry vibratable specialties. Our castables are widely utilized in the flow control of steel and non-ferrous metals. These flow control devices are mission critical to the successful operation of molten metal processes.

Members of...
Association for Iron & Steel Technology American Foundry Society ASTM International The American Ceramic Society The Refracotries Institute Peasley Steel Manufacturing Research Center

Ladle dumping slag.

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