Missouri Refractories Company, Inc.

Since 1973

1198 Mason Circle Drive  ?  Pevely, MO 63070  ?  Phone: (636) 479-7770  ?  Fax: (636) 479-7773

Conventional Castables
Low Cement Castables
Fast Fire Castables
SiC Castables
Non-Wetting Aluminum Contact Castables
Non-Wetting Lite Weight

Lite Weight Castables
Phosphate Castables
Mortars (Dry)
Wet Rams
Dry Rams

Industries Served
Steelmaking & Iron Making
Steel & Iron Foundries
Cement & Lime
Coal Fired Power Generation
Heat Treatment Processes
Non-Ferrous Melting

Contact Us

Product Description

All products listed below do not require drying and are suitable for use in fast (heating rate less than 300F per hour) or process heat firing.

Turbogun 50  

Turbo Pump 2800  

Turbocast 3000  

Turbocast 3000 FC  

Turbogun LC  

Turbocast 60 FC  

Turbocast 60 MZ LC  

Turbocast 60  

Turbogun 60  

Turbocast 70  

Turbocast 80 ULC  

Turbocast 85 LC  

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