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Product Description
Morcocast 125-2500 Erosion resistant heat insulating, acid resistant heavy castable.
Morcocast 175-3000 Extreme erosion resistant heat insulating, dense castable.
Morcocast 45-28 SF-O Used in the manufacture of precast shapes, boiler applications, incineration (ash hoppers) and forge furnace car decks.
Morcocast 50 SF-O 50% self-flow castable.
Morco Pump 50-O 50% alumina pumpable.
Morcocast 3000 LC Gun-O 3000F low cement gun grade material.
Morco Pump 3000 3000F pumpable.
Morcocast 60 SF-O 60% alumina self-flow product.
Morcocast 60 SF ULC-O 60% alumina self-flow product in an ultra low cement version.
Morcocast 60 LC-O 60% alumina, sidewalls above metal line, roofs.
Morcocast 60 LC Gun-O Used in incinerator linings, mineral processing rotary kilns, pre-heaters and coolers, low cement gun version.
Morcocast 60M SF-O Corrosive and erosive environments.
Morcocast 60 NC-O 60% no cement castable, used in areas where hot strength and volume stability as well as alkali and chlorine resistance is required.
Morcocast M60 AR-O Maintenance of pre-heaters and coolers (lifters), alkali resistance.
Morcocast 60 MZ Gun-O A gun version of M60 AR.
Morcocast 65 M LC Gun-O 65% low cement gun material.
Morco Ductile Ladle Cast Ladles and melting ductile iron.
Morcocast 70 SF-O 70% alumina self-flow product, shaft area, dry hearths, doors and jambs side walls
Morcocast 70 SF ULC-O High wear applications, excellent corrosion and erosion resistance. Ultra low cement.
Morcocast 70 LC-O 70% alumina, lances, shaft area, dry hearths, door and jambs, fast-set for precast shapes..
Morcocast 70 LC-O(2) Slow-set version of Morcocast 70 LC-O.
Morcocast 70 LC Gun-O Used in incinerators linings, minerals processing rotary kilns, pre-heaters, risers and coolers.
Morcocast 70M LC-O 70% mullite based, used in iron melting desulfurization lances, high wear areas where temperatures don't exceed 3,150F. Mullite based
Morcocast 75M LC Gun-O 75% mullite based gun grade.
Morcocast B70 SIC For use against iron and copper metals whether for slag vessels, launders or shaft furnace repairs, containing silicon carbide.
Morcocast 80 SF-O 80% alumina self-flow product.
Morcocast 80 LC Gun-O Used in incinerators linings, cyclones boilers, mineral processing rotary kilns, pre-heaters, risers and coolers, low cement gun grade.
Morcocast 80 SF ULC-O Vibration or pumping placement castable, with excellent strength, abrasion resistance, thermal shock and erosion resistance due to low penetration, ultra low cement.
Morcocast 80 K LC-O Used in cement kilns nose rings, ladles and tundishes of the steel making plants
Morcocast 85 LC-O 85% alumina low cement castable.
Morcocast 85 SF-O 85% alumina self-flow product.
Morcocast 99 SF-O An extremely high Alumina content for tundish burner assemblies, ladles impact pads, ladle wells and tundish blocks.
Morcocast AZ-O

Cement preheater towers that require an abrasion and alkali resistant castable.

Morco Pump Fine BFA Cyclone boiler maintenance.
Morcocast F14 SF-O Fused silica castable.  troughs, launders, pre-cast shapes.
Morcocast F14 B-O Withstands extreme thermal gradients without thermal stress failure due to a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
Morcocast F14 Withstands extreme thermal gradients without thermal stress failure due to a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
Morcocast Mul LI Used in the manufacture of precast shapes, forge furnace car decks, car decks for ceramic kilns.
Morcocast Mul SF-O  
Morcocast Mul SPNC  
Morcocast AL-SP Areas demanding excellent service performance, volume stability, suitable strength at all temperatures, hot strength, and easy forming and setting properties which permit manufacturing of small shapes as well as large ones with rapid turnover.
Morcopack 80 Extreme erosion resistant, dense castable - hand packable.
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