Missouri Refractories Company, Inc.

Since 1973

1198 Mason Circle Drive  ?  Pevely, MO 63070  ?  Phone: (636) 479-7770  ?  Fax: (636) 479-7773

Conventional Castables
Low Cement Castables
Fast Fire Castables
SiC Castables
Non-Wetting Aluminum Contact Castables
Non-Wetting Lite Weight

Lite Weight Castables
Phosphate Castables
Mortars (Dry)
Wet Rams
Dry Rams

Industries Served
Steelmaking & Iron Making
Steel & Iron Foundries
Cement & Lime
Coal Fired Power Generation
Heat Treatment Processes
Non-Ferrous Melting

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Product Description
Hydset 60 BB  
Hydset 65 An unusual matrix system permits a high degree of resistance to thermal cycling and stability.
Hydset 95 Used in filling voids of precast shapes.  Applied by trowel or brush.
Hydset F14 Used in filling voids of precast shapes.  Applied by trowel or brush.  Works extremely well when used with Morco Glue-Coat as a binder.
Hydset SIC For filling voids of SiC precast shapes.
Morco Dura Grout Grouting mortar for use with DuraFloor.
Morcocoat 95 PD Mixed to desired consistency, can be sprayed, troweled, brushed.
Morcoset D Laying high duty and intermediate duty brick boiler and metallurgical furnaces.
Metalset HD For laying up to 70% alumina brick, wash and coating ladles, and for use in steel furnaces, etc.
Morcoset 55 HD For glass house upper structure, etc.
Morcoset 70 D Laying high alumina brick in stoves, stacks, tread wells, and other steel mill applications.
Morcoset 80 HD  
Morcoset 90 D  
Morcoset SIC-2 D Lay silicon carbide bricks in muffle furnaces, pot furnaces, retorts, ad recuperators, where sufficient temperature to develop ceramic bond is present.
Morcoset ZD  
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