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Morcocast 45 SF ALX-O

Used in launders, aluminum transfer ladles.

Morcocast 60M SF ALX-O

Used in aluminum reverberatory furnaces, holding furnaces, transfer ladles, walls and floors.

Morcocast 60 AL Gun-O(2)

Suitable for use in aluminum maintenance linings in aluminum contact areas.

Morcocast 60-10 LC-O  

Morcocast 12-58 SF-O

60% alumina, 12% sic, molten aluminum contact.  Non wetting and aluminum resistant.

Morcocast 70 SF ALX-O

70% alumina, molten aluminum contact, bottoms, sidewalls, transport ladles, melting bridge.

Morcocast 70M LC-ALX-O  

Morcocast 70 LC ALX-O

70% alumina, mullite based, molten aluminum contact, bottoms, sidewalls, melting bridge ladles.

Morcocast 70M LC AL-O  

Morcocast 70 LC AL-O

Used in the manufacture of precast shapes, sidewalls, roofs, aluminum contact areas.  Non-wetting properties up to 3,000o F.

Morcocast 80 SF ALX-O

80% alumina, molten aluminum contact, bottoms, sidewalls, ladles, melting bridge.

Morcocast 85 SF ALX-O


Morcocast Z-AL

Zircon castable, resistant to adherence of metal and oxides.  Bath area metal line.

Morcocast Z

Zircon based.  Used where oxide attach exist.

Morcocast F14B ALX-O

Used in aluminum troughs and over-the-road crucibles, and precast shapes of various forms.

Morcocast 180-668

Excellent strength and abrasion resistance, erosion resistant due to low penetration, especially by aluminum.


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