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Product Description
Morco Tite-Ram L For ramming tundish wells for short sequence casting.
Morcolite WR 1 Used in back-up linings of preheaters, launders, and carbon baking units.
Morcolite WR 2 Used in back-up linings of preheaters, launders, and carbon baking units.
Morcopatch 95 SW For patching coreless induction furnaces.
Morcopatch Z-P A wet patch mix for use in conjunction with other zircon ram mixes.  Workability is good, but can be altered for other uses.
Morcoram 63 For delta sections of arc furnaces, and in those areas where severity and resistance to thermal shock and spalling are prime considerations.
Morcoram 60 M Gran Upper cases of core-type electric furnaces melting copper and copper base alloys.
Morcoram 75 P Used in lining ladles melting steels where metallurgical purity is desired and extreme corrosion resistance is required.
Morcoram 85 P Aluminum melting furnaces.
Morcoram 80 B Steel foundry ladles, arc furnace roofs.
Morcoram 94 ASP Designed for induction furnace or glass fore hearth.  The material can also be used as a veneer coating for areas where cracks or spalling has occurred.
Morcoram 95 DV-W For use in 60, 180 and 540 cycle induction furnaces (air or vacuum) melting nickel, stainless, low-alloy and carbon steels and iron.
Morcoram ZX Iron and steel ladles.
Morcoram Z-P Upper structure glass tank patching.
Morcoram Z-7 Used for ramming of wells around nozzles in ladles, and bottom and sidewalls in ladles; especially ladles of 4,000 lbs. and more metal capacity.
Morcoram Z Primarily for use in coreless induction furnaces and similar applications.  Also used in connection with zircon paving for building and leveling up.
Morcoram Z-L For ramming tundish wells for long duration casting.  Zircon based, this product is also good for patching arc furnace runners.
Morcoram Z-2 Arc furnace bottoms utilizing acid practices.
Morcoram ZTP Lining and patching coreless induction furnaces, ladles melting stainless steel, upper structure and glass contact areas requiring good corrosion resistance.
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